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Dentist's Overview

Anish’s philosophy is to support referring dentists in three ways.

  • To provide advice on more complex endodontic cases.
  • To treat more complex cases and return the patient back to the referring dentist to provide a cusp protected restoration.
  • By providing one on one training sessions to those dentists who are interested in improving their endodontic skills and knowledge. Anish will happily arrange a mutually convenient meeting.

Anish graduated in 1993 in South Africa and emigrated with his family to the UK in 2002. He has always been passionate about endodontics and completed an MSc in Endodontics in 2012. Anish has been appointed as Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Endodontic Speciality Teaching at the School of Dentistry- University of Birmingham

He has been a Foundation Dentist Trainer for six years and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education. He currently lectures the Foundation Dentists on their Endodontic study days for East Yorkshire and South Midlands Deanery. Anish has been accepting referrals for endodontics since 2007 and is keen on supporting his colleagues with complex endodontic cases and improving their endodontic skills. He is committed improving his knowledge and skills and providing comfortable, caring dentistry to his patients.

The combination of passion, experience, knowledge and specialist equipment allows Anish to achieve a high success rate in treating complex root canal treatments.


Anish feels that it is important to call upon a sympathetic team who treat every referral with the highest level of care and professionalism. He is passionate about providing the highest standard of endodontic treatment, mindful of patients comfort throughout. Following completion of treatment, the patient is referred back to the referring dental practitioner for final restoration.

Anish’s high standards are achieved by:

  • Constantly updating his skills and knowledge by attending post graduate courses.
  • Investing in high quality equipment and materials as the technology improves.
  • Teaching at Birmingham Dental Hospital allows Anish to discuss some of the cases that are not straight forward with other consultants and specialists which ensures that he is providing the best possible care to his patients.

Depending on the instruction of the referral, we will often place the core at the completion appointment. This ensures that the root canal is sealed on completion as this has an impact on the long-term outcome. Furthermore, placing the core ensures that even if there is a delay in placing the cusp protection, the tooth is not compromised. We will not however provide any final/cusp-protected restoration or any further restorative treatment unless specifically requested by the referring dental practitioners. Anish is sensitive to the fact that many general dental practitioners are capable of carrying out more advanced dentistry to a high standard. A referral to our practice for endodontic treatment will result in the patient only having that treatment undertaken and we will hand the patient back to the referring practitioner for final restoration.

Anish often goes through great length to explain the difficulties and the complexities of endodontic treatment to the patients that have been referred and this often helps to settle potential disputes and misunderstandings between referring dentist and patient.


  • Diagnosis – Anish is able to assist with diagnosis when this is difficult to achieve in a normal practice setting.
  • Endodontic treatment of teeth with complex anatomy for example sclerosed canals and curved root canals.
  • By-passing ledges or obstructions.
  • Re-treatment of failed root canal treatment.
  • Fractured instrument retrieval
  • Post removal
  • Perforation repair
  • Assessing restorability of teeth
  • Trauma cases

The endodontic treatment will only be undertaken if the tooth is restorable.

We will try and send the post-operative radiographs and report to the referring dentist within a few days of completion.

Some patients are encouraged to return within 6 months to monitor post-operative healing.

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