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Root Canal Cost

The cost of a root canal treatment comes second on the list of worries about root canal for most patients immediately following the fear of the pain from root canal treatment.

Whilst the treatment is still available for less than £100 via the NHS service root canal is known to be one of the more costly dental procedures if you're being seen privately. There is no disguising the fact that root canal treatment can be costly but it’s not hard to see why. Root canal treatment involves a lengthy, very technical procedure which his best delivered by a root canal specialist, one which requires your root canal specialist to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

We know that root canal prices can be a shock which is why we’ve worked hard to make our root canal prices extremely competitive. We offer a root canal specialist service which means we can compete against other practices in the local area.

Root canal costs will vary, it all depends on the extent of the root canal work you require. In general terms private root canal treatment costs as little as £480 for a single visit incisor root canal treatment and starts from f£650 for a single visit molar root canal treatment.

Here’s a breakdown of our root canal fees

Consultation Average Time Taken Fee
Consultation 30 mins £75
Root canal treatment – incisor single visit
(single rooted)
2 hours £520
Root canal treatment – incisor two visit
(single rooted)
3 – 3.5 hours £620
Root canal treatment – premolar – single visit
(two rooted)
2.5 hours £580
Root canal treatment – premolar – two visit
(two rooted)
3 – 4 hours £730
Root canal treatment – molars – single visit
(multi rooted)
2.5 hours £730
Root canal treatment – molars – two visit
(multi rooted)
3 – 4.5 hours £820

* Please note that these fees are meant as a guide only. Additional fees apply to for more complex treatment and a more accurate cost estimate will be given at the consultation appointment.

At AK Endodontics you can rely on us for transparency and reliability about the cost of root canal treatment. We provide you with the highest quality of specialist root canal care while making our root canal service as affordable as possible.